Custom Software Development

Hi, I'm Ben. I've been developing software for clients for over twelve years. I prefer building Django web applications and Python backends for mobile apps, but I have a wide variety of experience and skills that I can call on to meet any challenge.

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Web Development

I've done nearly everything that can be done when building a website. These days I prefer to write web applications in Django, and I like to host them on AWS Linux.

Mobile Apps

I've written fully native Android and iOS apps, and I'm familiar with all parts of the app development process.

Artificial Intelligence

I have a growing interest in all forms of AI including machine learning and computer vision. I would love to tackle your AI challenges.

Your Situation is Unique

If you have any ideas or opportunities, I'd love to chat.


I like writing code to solve challenging problems.
And I'm good at it.

Ben Johnson

Owner / Software Developer


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